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How Well Do You Know Node.js? - Answers (Part 1)


Recently I came across a blog post titled How well do you know Node.js?. In it, Samer Buna lists 48 questions which be expects a Node.js developer to be able to answer. This post is part 1 of my attempt to provide answers to these questions.

Adding forms to ActiveAdmin custom pages


ActiveAdmin is an administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications. It allows to easily create admin pages to manage rails entities, offering out-of-the-box CRUD functionality. Sometimes, however, you need some bit of funcionality that is out of scope of a single resource.

Conditionally serializing fields using Jackson


When interacting with some REST API, we often deal with serialization of Java objects to JSON strings. Lately, I came across a requirement to conditionally skip an object’s field, according to its value.